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For more than 100 years, Gravely has been developing some of the finest mowers in the industry. Engineered to work tougher and faster, they are constantly at the cutting edge, working to improve their machines for your use. In their amazing selection you’ll find zero-turn mowers, stand-on mowers, walk-behinds, and 2- and 4- seater vehicles to help you get the job done. No matter what the chore, Gravely has a powerful unit perfectly suited for the task at hand.

John Parks Tractor is proud to be your Gravely dealer in Lancaster, New Hampshire. Family owned since 1984, we serve Littleton, Colebrook, Berlin, parts of NE Vermont including Lyndon and Saint Johnsbury, as well as Western Maine. Our fantastic staff is always here to help you find the right mower for your chore list. What are you waiting for – boost your productivity with Gravely today!

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Gravely Pro-Stance® Mower spitting out grass clippings

Pro-Stance® Mowers

Gravely Pro-Stance mowers give owners an unbeatable lawn care experience with high-performance and versatile operation. Tackle any job, anywhere, thanks to an adjustable deck and smooth suspension. These mowers have the ergonomic features you need to keep comfortable even when mowing all day long.


Gravely Pro Turn Mower near pond

Pro-Turn® Mowers

You've heard of zero-turn, now check out Pro-Turn® mower. You get a zero-turn with industrial strength and an exclusive Constant Belt Tension system to ensure the mowing blade tip speed and cutting results are consistent whether you're beginning your day or finishing it out. Effortlessly operate the 17 cutting positions that come in quarter-inch increments and eliminate overhung loads!


Gravely Pro-Walk® Mower trimming grass near edge of concrete patio

Pro-Walk® Mowers

If you've got a serious lawn care routine, you need a serious walk-behind mower that's going to perform on your turf. Gravely Pro-Walk mowers are designed tough so you can take on any mowing challenge that comes your way. They're easy to maintain so you can keep up with your turf season after season.


Gravely Compact Pro® Mower driving through narrow open gate

Compact Pro® Mower

Not every property owner or landscaping professional needs the biggest overpowered mower out there. In some cases, you need an agile mower to maneuver around obstacles or in tight spaces in crowded lawns. The Gravely Compact-Pro does just that with only a 36" width so you can slip through narrow gates and still hit turf with commercial strength.


Gravely ZT Mower on open field

Gravely ZT Mower

Gravely ZT mowers takes all your expectations for comfort, precision, and speed and crushes them with a high-performing commercial standard. Get professional durability, reliability, and power to tackle any lawn. These mowers are built for lawn care professionals and property owners looking for a serious solution to their expansive yards.


Gravely Pro-QXT Tractor close up in the shrubs

Pro-QXT™ Tractor

Those who need the highest level of performance will find the Pro-QXT™ the solution to their lawn care needs. The Pro-QXT™ offers superior maneuverability, making it capable of completing commercial-grade jobs with ease. The standard features are more than enough to handle the basics, and you can expand with a complete list of attachment options to get the job done right each and every time.


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